Mission Statement

We want to be known for:

  • Our professionalism in our advice and service
  • Genuinely caring for our client’s needs
  • Being trustworthy in our approach to the consideration of our clients’ personal affairs
  • Being secure as we only deal with reputable institutions
  • Our stability and our years in business – almost 20 years, and
  • Our continuity of staff and service.

We want our clients to know:

  • We believe in close relationships
  • We care about the experience we provide, and
  • We are here to help them work towards a brighter future

Our mission is to provide high quality care and service to our clients.

We are committed to maintaining excellence, respect and integrity in all aspects of our operations and our professional conduct.

We strive to reflect the highest ethical standards in our relationships with our clients and providers.

By providing appropriate and competitive insurance cover and financial products and services in line with your objectives that should reduce risk and increase assets, we help our clients meet their goals and build better tomorrows.

In a fast changing world we’re ever-ready to master change and turn it to an advantage: to meet the dreams and desire of our clients.

Our purpose is to enrich the lives of people we touch.

The Complete Family

Sally Dixon

Grad Dip FP, Dip FS, Dip Bus Man, Dip MG, CDec

Authorised Representative
Adviser Profile
Financial Services Guide (FSG)

I am a financial adviser and director of SD Life Insurance and Wealth Advice, a boutique financial planning company in Cairns, specializing in Personal and Business Risk Insurance, Superannuation, Wealth and Retirement Planning.

My career in finance started in 1983 working in the banking sector. After being retrenched, I started my own finance brokering business in 1999 known as SD Loans and Leasing in Cairns.

I love building great relationships that often turn into friendships and I am passionate about helping people.  During my years in the financial services industry I have expanded my product offering to include a suite of services that I tailor to each client based on their individual needs and circumstances. As well as helping my clients, I am passionate about tailoring solutions for small business and addressing the issues they face in running their respective enterprises.

Our business has a strong client focus, and our driving desire is to meet the needs and expectations of our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

Neville Brunton

Grad Dip FP, AS Dip Bus Man, JP, CertA&WT
Financial Planner

Authorised Representative
Adviser Profile
Financial Services Guide (FSG)

Neville’s in-depth knowledge of retirement planning, insurance, superannuation including SMSFs and investment strategies adds considerable value to the financial outcomes he can deliver to his clients.  Neville is passionate about protecting clients and their families.  Neville’s has a strong focus and through the understanding of implementing Buy-Sell Agreements for Business Clients and complementing that with a Complete Business Succession Plan.  He takes on the responsible for the administration and management of clients and their individual needs. Neville’s high level of understanding and attention to detail greatly assists in effective communication between our clients, insurance companies, and other key stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients from inception.

Neville brings great value to the business. His passion for learning, developing and implementing new strategies to assist clients, is further complemented by his ongoing studies in the Financial Planning industry.